Ways to Navigate Getting Mental Health Treatment

Therapy can feel intimidating when you don’t know how to navigate the system. However, the feeling of hopelessness that individuals face who can’t find the right help because they don’t know which questions to ask, or where to go, is too common and needs to be addressed. What’s going wrong, and what can we do as providers to help?

We’ve heard the horror stories. You finally work up the courage to find a therapist, and every email or call you place is met with one of the following:

  • “No availability past 5 PM”

Here are some tips on how not to get lost in the system:

  1. Go in knowing what you need. This might be the hardest part- how often do we really have conscious awareness of our emotional and physical needs in a given moment? You don’t need to know everything going on with you — often that’s why we go to therapy in the first place. But take some time before you get on the phone to examine what your pressing needs are toward your mental health, and what barriers have been in your way. Simply stating I need help managing a recent break-up or I’ve been struggling with panic attacks or anxiety is enough.

Experience relief. Call, text, or email us. We are here to help you find the right fit. Contact us today for individual or couples therapy. If our clinicians are not the right fit for you, we can help refer you to someone that will be a good fit.



Mental Health Counseling in New York — https://talkingforwellness.com/

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